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Omni-Channel Automation

Top-Tier University Reclaims Student Confidence with LeftBrain’s Omni-Channel Solution

The Challenge: Outdated Data Infrastructure and Failed Communications

A renowned university, with a sizeable student body exceeding 20,000, was battling the repercussions of an outdated and excessively complex data infrastructure. This resulted in widespread failures in automated communications and student inquiry responses. The escalating crisis began to erode student confidence in the university administration, risking higher attrition rates, lower application rates, and diminished satisfaction among all levels of stakeholders.

The LeftBrain Solution: An Omni-Channel Approach to Automation

Understanding the urgency and complexity of the situation, LeftBrain partnered with Microsoft to architect an omni-channel solution. This comprehensive solution allowed students to interact through various channels including email, chat, telephonic autoresponders, and social media interactions.

Our team undertook the challenge of reconstructing the communication pathways from problem to solution. The focus was to create an interactive, user-friendly system that prioritized student inquiries and facilitated quick, accurate responses.

The Outcome: Restored Confidence and Enhanced Student Satisfaction

The implementation of the omni-channel solution effectively mitigated the crisis, restoring student confidence in the university’s administration. The new system allowed for a seamless flow of communication between the university and its students, significantly improving the response to student inquiries.

The resulting increase in student satisfaction helped stave off potential spikes in attrition rates and dips in application rates. Additionally, it led to an overall improvement in the satisfaction of the university’s operational stakeholders involved in the process.

LeftBrain: Your Driver in Nuanced Innovation

The successful data transformation and knowing how to reach the students at the university validates LeftBrain’s expertise in addressing complex, high-velocity data challenges. We effectively extract signal from noise, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and strategic approaches. Our proficiency lies in seamlessly managing and navigating intricate data scenarios.

At LeftBrain, we don’t merely react to the rapid pace of technological evolutions; we actively participate in shaping them. We are committed to aligning these technology transformations with your strategic goals, ensuring your organization’s resilience and prosperity despite the complexities.

We stand ready to guide your journey in the digital transformation landscape with confidence and expert knowledge. At LeftBrain, we’re not just a service provider; we’re your trusted guide and educator in the evolving world of technology. Let’s connect and collaboratively shape the future of your digital journey.

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