Case Study – Architecture and Compliance


A Medical Insurance Fraud Detection Platform Outgrows Its Core Application Structure

The Challenge: Overcoming the Monolith?

A prominent organization in medical insurance and billing was grappling with an overwhelming challenge. Their existing fraud detection platform, designed with a monolithic programming structure and abstract black-box components, was reaching its limits. The platform’s inability to scale and handle diverse datasets was affecting service delivery, impeding their ability to meet customer needs and failing to provide confidence in their results.

Navigating through complex healthcare data, translating numerous datasets, and ensuring HIPAA compliance posed a daunting task. Given the increasingly intricate regulatory environment, our client was in dire need of a comprehensive overhaul. Their platform required not just modernization, but an agile, secure, and compliant ecosystem capable of growing with their business.

LeftBrain Steps In: Delivering Advanced Data Services

LeftBrain Technology, as an advanced data services provider, was entrusted with the monumental task of transforming this monolithic architecture into a dynamic, microservices-driven platform. Our team embarked on an exhaustive deep-dive into the processes and data translations affecting the client’s entire technology stack – from data to code.

The solution hinged on deploying the ELK Stack, which includes Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana as well as re-architecting their entire data platform – from data ingestion to staging to EDW to dashboards and reports. This strategic technology redesign was the cornerstone in transforming their complex, monolithic environment into a scalable, adaptable, and reliable microservices infrastructure.

The Outcome: Agility, Compliance, and Growth

The new, microservices-based platform fundamentally revolutionized General Health Solutions’ operational landscape. The agility of the restructured environment allowed for rapid iteration of features and functions, aligning with their vision of continuous growth and innovation.

The platform not only bolstered General Health Solutions’ fraud detection capabilities but also facilitated HIPAA compliance, a non-negotiable requirement in the healthcare sector. By prioritizing both compliance and security, LeftBrain assured that General Health Solutions could deliver uncompromised service to their customers.

The transformation of the platform into a more modernized, compliant, and secure structure, opened new opportunities for General Health Solutions to grow value and revenue. This marked a significant stride in the company’s pursuit of enhanced service delivery and customer satisfaction.

LeftBrain: Your Partner for Application Modernization

This success story exemplifies how LeftBrain leverages its expertise in advanced data services to facilitate ecosystem and application modernization. We prioritize your compliance and security needs, ensuring your business can adapt and thrive in a fast-paced, ever-evolving technological landscape.

Our partnership with General Health Solutions is a testament to our commitment to aligning technology transformations with business objectives. At LeftBrain, we stand ready to help you navigate your digital transformation journey with confidence. Let’s connect and build the future together.

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